Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an active, committed group of parent and teacher volunteers. Our members, committee chairpersons, and officers host numerous events and fundraisers throughout the year to strengthen our community connections and support our school's mission.

The PTO fosters positive communication, cooperation, and experiences between parents, the preschool faculty, our children, and our community at large. We provide resources, both ordinary and extraordinary, to ensure our children attend the best preschool in Charlotte.  

We encourage all parents to be part of the PTO. Together we can make a difference.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact: Melanie Resnick.   To join the PTO please fill out this form and return it to the CJP office.


PTO Committees and Chairpersons

President: Melanie Resnick
Vice President: Amy Udoff

Social: Ivy Berman & Kara Culp
Sunshine: Meredith Mandell
Photography:  Laramie Poole
Challah: Danielle Chanland
Annual Fund:  Tara Price
Book Fair: Rachael Weiss & Pamela Belinkie
Open House: Julie Sheffer, Marisa Zeibert, Ruth Stanton
Graduation: Marisa Jackson
Grandparent’s Day: Marissa Karp & Ashley Doar
Purim Carnival: Leslie Kuykendaal & Meredith Sherwood
Teacher Appreciation: Melanie Brown & Dori Slutsky
Yearbook: Candice Serbin



Annual Fund