Board of Directors

CJP’s Board of Directors oversees the school’s operations and sets all policies. The Board is made up of Board-appointed representatives, as well as appointed representatives from our partners: Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, and the Levine JCC.

Board of Directors President's Desk:

Anchored in Innovation

By Liz Naman

This past year, the Board embarked on a ten-month long strategic planning journey.  It was both humbling and rewarding to work on a plan that will be a part of the school beyond my tenure on the Board of Directors, and my family's time with our children at CJP.  As the Board and staff gave thought to long-term planning for growth, talent, and culture of the school, we anchored ourselves in the underlying guiding principle of quality and innovation in Jewish early childhood education.

With our new strategic plan, the Board is committed to investing in our school and teachers so that it can (continue to) be considered a premier preschool in Charlotte, and beyond.  At a recent Board of Directors meeting, Brooke invited the Board to learn more early childhood trends and research.

As a Board member and parent, it is amazing to see the level of detail and thoughtfulness that goes into every staff decision, and that the effect on the children of CJP are at the forefront of every decision.  As the school year progresses, I am confident that the school's commitment to being an innovator in Jewish early childhood education will continue to anchor both the Board and staff in our implementation of the new strategic plan, and I can't wait to see what learning, growing, and connecting unfolds!


Executive Committee 2019-2020

Melanie Resnick- President

Jonathan Friedman- First Vice President

Rachel Helton- Vice President, Development

Lauren Althofer- Vice President, Finance

Karen Turk- Vice President, Governance

Brian Ablitz- Vice President, Administration

Liz Naman- Immediate Past President

Brooke Amo- Executive Director


Board Members 2019-2020


Eliot Brown

Rachel Campbell

Eliza Carney

Erica Ellenbogen

Jessica Garfield

Adina Loewensteiner

Jeff Richek

Carrie Rocha

Norm Shapiro

Tara Spil

Annual Fund